4 Reasons you should add Raw Lamb to your dog’s diet.

To keep yourself fit, we’re sure you take all the necessary steps. Taking in the right amount of nutrients, eating natural foods and keeping your physical fitness in check. Who said you shouldn’t be treating your pets the same way? There are several health benefits to feeding a dog raw lamb. In this article, we cover a few helpful information points so you can make an informed decision about making the switch from processed chow to raw dog food.

If you were to include a few raw lamb bones into your dog's diet, it shouldn’t set you back too much. In fact, it would probably be a cheaper way to get your dog on the path to a nutritious and delicious diet. A great way to get your dog to earn his treat would be to hide it in a place where they can sniff it out and reach their delicious reward. By connecting food to an activity, you are stimulating your dog's brain and improving its overall development. 

Gut Health 

With a raw feed, you are introducing your pet to a plethora of important bacteria and microbes that promote immunity. Similar to how humans function better with natural diets, switching your dog to his ancestral food habits can help boost their energy levels. This helps your pet develop a tough immune system and opens up its palette to a variety of foods. 

For example, pairing lamb necks with some fresh carrots would provide excellent nutrition to your pet's internal and external health. The digestibility of raw meat helps line your dog’s stomach well. This helps them absorb nutrients better with every meal they consume. It’s all about working backwards from where you want to get, especially for a canine. In addition to the organs and meat, you can use the raw lamb bones to make bone broth. This will not only help your pet improve its liquid intake, but also stay hydrated throughout the day.  

Fur Health

A healthy dog always has one important sign — a shiny and thick coat. When introducing raw meat to your dogs, once you are sure your dog is not allergic to the meats you are serving them, you can expect their coat to develop. The protein-rich nature of a raw lamb diet helps prevent shedding and itchy patches compared to a grain-rich diet. If you are wondering why your processed dog food isn’t helping your dog improve their coats, it is probably because they are not receiving enough macronutrients through its diet. Throwing in a couple of lamb necks and livers will improve your dog's natural ability to stay immune to skin-related ailments. If you pair one of our https://cdk9raw.com.au/pages/raw-food-subscription-informationdelicious subscriptions with a regular dose of brushing, your dog might be able to improve its fur health.   

An important source of protein 

Protein intake is directly linked to the overall health of your dog. By including offal like liver or raw green tripe into your dog's diet you are giving them a direct source of protein that will drastically improve not only their internal functioning of cells and tissues but also their mood and mental stability. Since their energy will be fuelled through protein, they will tend to feel fuller and more satiated as compared to a vegetable dense diet. A happy dog is a healthy dog, so throwing in a couple of lamb necks into their next few meals will most likely have a positive effect on their health. With this potent source of protein and essential fats, you can’t go wrong. 

Rule out raw meat as an allergen

Some of the top allergens for dogs are meat and grains. This is why it is always important to sample raw food before committing to a certain type of meat. This way you can see if your dog can handle raw lamb, chicken or beef by seeing how their body reacts to the change. Paying close attention to stool and irritations on the skin are good rules of thumb when testing allergens in dogs. Treat your dog with 100% natural goodness and try out some of CDK9’s human-grade lamb food for dogs. 

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