Raw Puppy Food (8-12 Months)

If you ask a kid these days “What do dogs eat?”, chances are they’d say “That dry stuff from the bag, or that jelly junk from a tin”. Then they’d go back to watching their Tiktoks and doing silly dances. Shame, isn’t it? That isn’t what dogs are meant to eat. They’re not just meant to be mushy little puddles of fur, they’re the descendants of wolves! Feed them that way. Give them the raw meat, fruit, and veggies that they used to prowl around for back in our caveman days. This isn’t some stupid trend, this is science-backed nutrition for canines, and it’s the best your pup can get.

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Whether your puppy is under 2.5kg or up to 30kg, we’ve got a package size to suit. CDK9 offers ten different sizes, covering every weight class within the eight- to twelve-month age range. We understand everyone loves a bit of novelty, so if you want to mix things up then we sell everything as one-off weekly packages - that’ll give your dog seven meals, each one perfectly balanced for maximum nutrition. If you’re committed to giving your pup the healthiest, happiest lifestyle you can, subscribe to CDK9 to receive a week’s worth of meals on your doorstep every week. Choose that option and you get 5% off your orders as well. Nifty, hey?

Every pack we offer is composed of human-grade meat. Take our Essentials range for instance - you’ve got five options there, all different types of meat. Chicken, duck, lamb, beef, kangaroo, whatever your pooch likes best. That’s the basics, then you get stuck into our Complete packages - these feature fruit, vegetables, and vitamins to target specific dietary requirements your best friend might have. Digestion Support, Mobility Care, and Proactive Health are all available to keep your pup in top condition.

Our Balance Proactive Health mix fits somewhere between the Complete and Essentials range. Chicken, beef offal, kelp, and carrots are mixed in with some vitamins to give your pup a fully balanced diet without targeting any particular nutrient deficiencies. Whatever you choose, they’re going to love it.

Raw Puppy Food From CDK9

Preservatives? Nope. Fillers? None. Additives? Nada. CDK9 doesn’t muck around with any of that nonsense, we just give your dog real food, all the time. Start off with the Essentials to get your dog's tum used to this dietary transformation. After a couple of weeks on that, the Complete or Essentials mixes become the order of the day. Then you just let the food turn up, week after week, and you watch your puppy grow, bigger, stronger, happier, and the healthiest they’ve ever been.

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