Why you should feed your dog raw chicken?

Have you ever wondered whether your dog is capable of eating raw meat? You’ve seen them eat everything from your partner’s shoes to the stuffing of the sofa cushion. So surely there’s a way their tummies can keep down raw chicken right?
It can be strange at first, but to keep it short, yes they can! 

The long answer is that your dog’s digestive system is a resilient bundle of nerves.

The good news is that your dog's genetic makeup is far superior to our human genes. For them, it is perfectly normal to eat raw food. In fact, you’d be surprised at the potential benefits. Even though the word ‘raw’ can cause a little discomfort, we can ensure that your dog will take it like a champ as long as the food is served fresh. The CDK9 website offers a realm of options that work best for you and your pup! 

Improve your dog's cardiovascular health by giving them raw chicken, a low-fat option to red meat and offcuts. The raw bones in chickens also serve as a great way for your dog's teeth to get a workout and remove tough tartar. Besides the occasional brushing, your pup will have naturally resilient and clean pearly whites! 

Whether you would like a subscription service or a one-off order, CDK9 can help deliver the goods! 

Are raw chicken frames low in fat? 

The great part about white meat is that it is a great way to give your dog a nutrient-packed meal paired with grains and vegetables, while keeping it low in fat. If your dog is overweight and needs to shed a couple of pounds, a couple of raw chicken frames are a great way to keep your pet full while keeping their cholesterol levels low. 

Weight management for dogs is recommended especially as they get older. This helps reduce any inflammation of joints and exertion on their bones and body in the long run. As they age, raw chicken also helps to take the load off their digestive system as an excellent alternative to red meat. Switching between different kinds of meats can also be beneficial, especially with younger dogs. Serving them gastro-divergent meals can help repair tummy issues caused due to unhealthy food habits. Pair that with a healthy mix of grains and vegetables and your dog will be eating like royalty!

What is an Omega 6-rich food can I include for my pet?

Raw chicken provides a great source of Omega-6 for dogs. This helps boost their sexual health, immunity and skin health. If your dog has been experiencing allergic symptoms to different food items, their intake of Omega-6 helps improves their body’s natural ability to develop histamines that prevent intense reactions. 

If you are unsure of what to start off with a simple one would be to try the chicken essentials mix for a quick meal for your dog. On the other hand, if your dog enjoys raw food and you think would enjoy a meal with variety - we suggest the chicken proactive health mix. With a beautiful blend of berries, grains, kelp and many other nutrient-rich natural foods, you can treat your dog to some of the best that CDK9 has to offer while giving them a balanced meal. 

Is raw chicken safe for dogs? 

In conclusion, yes! 

Raw chicken in moderate doses is safe for your dogs. Including it in your dog's diet plan will be a wallet-friendly way to ensure that your furry friend is getting the right amount of bacteria in their gut along with several other nutrients, proteins and essential acids.    

Promoting good gut health has a positive effect on the entire system. Just like how a car needs to be tuned, keeping stomach microbes in check keeps the animal in overall good spirits physically and mentally. In addition to that, it builds immunity and opens up your dog's capability to eat a variety of food without having too much of a negative reaction. 

Make the transition to raw natural dog food today with CDK9’s broad range of healthy options. No need for overly processed dog kibble. Instead make the switch with one of Australia’s premier natural dog food with CDK9. You can either start with a subscription or take it as a week-to-week order depending on how your dog responds to the change in diet. Read more about our services and products here

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