10Kg+ Bulk Bag Dog Food 

If you’ve got a big dog, or several dogs, and they’re on a raw food diet, you’re going to need bulk raw dog food. First of all, good on you for putting your pups on this diet. Raw dog food is what dogs are made to eat, and it’s what they’ve been eating ever since they were wolves slobbering by a neanderthal’s fireside. It’s way better for their guts than the chalky, musty kibble that most canines get nowadays. CDK9 is committed to offering pet owners a healthy, affordable alternative to that grocery store trash, and here we have a selection of bulk bags you can buy to make sure you have more than enough chow to go around when your best friend starts to salivate. 

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CDK9 has nine different packages of bulk raw dog food on offer, in nine different sizes. We’ve got our five Essentials packages, they come in chicken, beef, lamb, duck, or kangaroo. Our Complete packages feature a mix of fruit, veg, and vitamins that will keep your pup in peak physical condition. The exact composition of each package depends on which version you get - we’ve got Mobility Care, Digestion Support, and Proactive Health on offer. Lastly, we’ve got the Balanced chicken mix, which splits the difference between the Complete and the Essentials. It has a pretty even mix of chicken, beef offal, and some probiotic plants to keep your canine’s guts in check. 

You can get any of these mixes in packages ranging from 10kg to 50kg, going up in five kilo increments. Whether you get a one off bag or subscribe for a regular delivery (with a 5% discount, might we add), you can be sure that your dog will be happier and healthier than ever once they wrap their chompers around the bulk raw dog food you’ve got for them.

Bulk Raw Dog Food from CDK9

CDK9 are stoked to be offering pet owners the chance to give their dogs the food that they’re really meant to eat. All of our Complete mixes exceed AAFCO requirements and are stacked with nutrients and minerals that they might otherwise miss out on. The meat is human-grade, and the produce is free of additives and preservatives. This is food the way your dog was meant to eat it, and if they really are your best friend, then you ought to feed them that way! Enjoy a meal together, and see the way it changes your pooch’s temperament and appetite. They’ll thank you for it.

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