Raw Puppy Food (4-6 Months)

Dogs have been eating a diet of raw meat and vegetables since back when they were wolves, just like humans. The modern-day dog probably wouldn’t know how good he had it if we didn't force him into our culture's cuisine, but that doesn't mean the old ways aren't worth trying! In fact, there's been an increase in popularity for this type of food recently with more people switching over from kibble. This bland, crusty dry food can lead many dogs to have unhappy tummies due to its lack of flavour and nutrients. Get your pup some new raw food today so she can grow up strong & healthy with plenty of energy left over for playtime.

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If you have a young pup that’s between 2.5 and 30kg, there is an appropriate raw food package for them! Our ten different sizes come in weekly packs meaning they will get 7 meals per week when on subscription with CDK9. You can buy just one off or subscribe so we send out fresh meat every single week. Choose the weekly option and you’ll get a 5% discount too - what could be better than saving some money while giving your pet the best possible life?

We believe that every pup deserves to eat the best food possible, so our raw puppy formulas come packed with human-grade meat and vegetables. There are nine different combinations of these ingredients available in five Essentials Range options. There are also three Complete varieties for those who need extra support on specific dietary requirements or if their lifestyle means they're constantly moving around! Our Complete varieties include the Digestion Support, Mobility Care, and Proactive Health mixes - these feature combinations of helpful vitamins such as bones & joint supplements, and rich sources of calcium too. It'll keep your furry friend feeling happy inside out throughout their lifetime.

If you’re looking for a more balanced pup-friendly diet, the Proactive Health range has an option that fits your needs. This one includes chicken and splits the difference between Complete & Essential ranges by including some probiotics along with plants like carrots or kelp in addition to beef offal! The overall result is easier on puppy stomachs while still providing him with all of those nutrients he needs.

Raw Puppy Food From CDK9

With no additives, fillers or preservatives you can rest assured that a puppy fed by CDK9 is getting the best raw food money can buy. If you are new to this style of feeding then I would recommend starting off with one of our Essentials mixes - it takes time for your dog’s digestive system to adjust to this style of feeding, but it's easy enough when they taste good as well! Once the pup has adapted and started loving his/her menu change over into either a Complete or Balanced mix that features more whole foods than others in order to provide all necessary nutrients. These include Omega 3s fatty acids, vitamins A & D, omega 6s from plant sources, plus vitamin E. This balance is sure to make your pooch healthier overall. They’ll thank you with a whole lot of energy and snuggles for days. 

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