Looking for a wholesome, nutritious treat for your dog? Lamb's bones are a great choice! Loaded with essential nutrients like protein and calcium, lamb bones offer many health benefits for your pooch. 

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Plus, they're low in fat and easy to digest, making them a great option for dogs of all ages and sizes. 

These raw bones are rich in essential minerals like calcium and phosphorus, which can improve bone strength and density in dogs of all ages. Moreover, raw lamb bones can provide beneficial dental benefits by helping to keep teeth and gums clean and reduce plaque buildup, due to the increased chewing and scraping involved with eating them. And since it takes longer to eat these chewy treats, you might find that they help keep your dog busy, making them less likely to beg while you’re cooking your dinner or engaged in other activities!

So why wait? Order some lamb bones today and give your pup the healthy treat he deserves!

Other Lamb parts for your dog

Lamb's Heart

Our raw lamb's hearts for your dog are a lean source of protein for your dog. Raw lamb's hearts are nutrient-dense, high in protein and low in fat - making them the perfect choice for dogs on special diets or with sensitive stomachs.

Lamb's heart is also rich in essential B vitamins, which help to keep your dog's coat shiny and healthy. In addition, it provides nutrients that are important for digestion and circulation as well as strengthening the immune system and warding off infections and diseases. And because it's raw, your dog will get all these benefits without any added preservatives or chemicals!

Lamb Kidney, Head and Liver

Feeding your dog raw lamb's kidney, head, and liver is a nutritious way to give them the nutrients they need. Lamb organs are a good source of protein, fat, and vitamins A, B, and C. They also contain minerals such as iron and phosphorus. You can either feed the whole kidney or chop it up into smaller pieces.

Lamb's Neck

Lamb's necks are a popular and nutritious choice for dog owners looking to provide their canine companions with nutrient-rich, high-quality food. In addition to being packed with protein, lamb necks also contain plenty of essential vitamins and minerals that can help promote overall health and wellbeing in dogs.

They are a meaty option with a great soft and chewy bone inside, it’s a great part of a meal that will give them an after-dinner activity or a nutritious treat that will keep them occupied while cleaning their teeth. 

Lamb's necks are an excellent source of protein and other nutrients that are essential for your dog's health. They are very easy to digest, making them an ideal food for dogs with sensitive stomachs.