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Weekly Package - 5 to 7.5kg Cat

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All of our meat is sourced from Australian farmers, including grass fed and pasture-raised animals. Our raw cat food mixes include human-grade meat with zero additives, preservatives or fillers.

They all include meat and offal, with options with and without bone so that you can choose when and how to include in your cat's diet. To ensure an appropriate mix of vitamins and minerals, we recommend feeding a rotation of proteins.


Essentials Chicken: chicken meat, chicken bone & cartilage and beef offal

Guaranteed Analysis (per 100g) - Metabolisable energy: 726 kJ/100g, Protein: 15.4g, Fat: 13.7g, Crude fibre: <1.0g, Moisture: 66.9%, Ash: 3.1g, Calcium: 280 mg, Phosphorus: 270mg

Essentials Duck: Duck meat, duck bones and duck offal

Guaranteed Analysis (per 100g) - Metabolisable energy: 928 kJ/100g, Protein: 12.9g, Fat: 19.1g, Crude fibre: <1.0g, Moisture: 59.9%, Ash: 4g, Calcium: 1100mg, Phosphorus: 630mg

Essentials Kangaroo: Kangaroo mince and beef offal

Guaranteed Analysis (per 100g) - Metabolisable energy: 361 kJ/100g, Protein: 20.6g, Fat: 0.8g, Crude fibre: <1.0g, Moisture: 75.5%, Ash: 1g, Calcium: 5mg, Phosphorus: 240mg

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