3 Benefits to a raw beef diet for dogs

A great way to build your dog's immunity and give them a nutrient-packed meal is to introduce raw beef mince into your dog’s diet. It is a cheap and chemical-free way to improve your dog's health without increasing their dependency on pre-packaged, processed dry or wet food.  

In today’s pet marketplace, there is an overload of ready-to-eat wet and dry food available. But take a look at the fine print and you will realise how little natural products go into these items. CDK9 offers a variety of healthy food for dogs. Read on to know more about some of the benefits of a raw lifestyle for your furry friends. 

#1 - Nutrient and mineral-rich 

Since you’re supplying your dog with raw food that’s straight from the source - you can be sure it will be filled with essential proteins and fats. Additionally, it is a great way to fuel up on micronutrients such as taurine and essential vitamins. This helps improve the overall health of any dog on a raw beef diet. Even though dogs can be counted as omnivores, things can go wrong when they are on a grain-heavy diet. For an active canine, it is important to have a protein-rich diet. There are many positive effects of a nutritious diet. By increasing the intake of protein in the animal's diet you are helping improve coat health, raise immunity and support a happier gut.  

#2 - Promotes healthy teeth and bones

If you’re tired of your dog chewing up shoes, couches and anything they can get their teeth in, chucking them a raw beef bone might be an engaging way to get rid of these teething issues. When picking raw beef bones for your dog, ensure that you are choosing soft bones that are easy to chew and digest, such as joints and tendons, to prevent any damage to your dog's internal system. 

Since bones are calcium-rich, they promote excellent bone and teeth health for your pet. In addition to removing plaque and reducing stinky breath, it keeps your dog engaged (aka out of trouble). Another plus point of good bone health means that your dog will be less likely to injure itself. We all know how some of our pups love to put themselves in questionable situations and sometimes even eat questionable items, so this will be a great way to help them improve their overall health while staying on a natural diet. 


When choosing bones for your dog, it is important to pick ones that your furry friend is capable of chewing and digesting properly. Every pet has a unique constitution and the best way to provide the highest level of nutrition for them is to note any differences after trying a new product and ensure that they are happy with the food in their diet. 

A good choice would be to pick soft bones that have plenty of meat on them so the dogs have something to sink their teeth into. This gives them enough tasty treats before getting to the main event of chewing on the bones. We recommend avoiding giving your dog cooked bones as they have a tendency to break and cause internal injuries for your pet. 

#3 - Chemical-free diet 

Large-scale manufactured dog food is often grain heavy and packed with chemicals. These processed foods work as well as they work for humans. This means they often: 

  • Lead to long-term negative health effects 
  • Limited nutrition sources 
  • Damage healthy gut bacteria 

By using older meat and offcuts to prepare processed dog food, corporations often benefit from consumers by claiming to have a wide range of meats available through their kibble. Their low-quality produce paired with the variety in one single bag of food often causes your pets to have allergic reactions to the various ingredients present. Keep your dog's gut clean and opt for a natural approach to nutrition. 

With CDK9, you can be sure that our holistic approach to feeding your pooch will provide long-term benefits. When a dog's daily diet includes wholesome items such as beef kidneys and livers, you are providing them with a natural way of sustenance. 

Learn more about how you can get started with a raw beef diet with the help of CDK9’s comprehensive menu today. By offering simple and natural proteins for your dog, CDK9 aims to help you improve your dog's lifestyle and overall health. Make the switch today and try out one of our easy subscriptions!  

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