Raw Dog Meal For Puppies (2-4 Months)

Have you got a puppy? Do you want them to grow up big and strong, happy and healthy? Of course you do! If that’s what you’re after, your best bet is to put them on the diet they were meant to eat, and that’s a diet composed of raw meat, vegetables and fruits. You might think that raw puppy food is some kind of hip new trend, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact of the matter is, it’s the oldest diet there is! It’s the diet that dogs have been eating since back in the days when they were wolves and you were a caveman. 

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Raw puppy food from CDK9 comes in ten different package sizes, made to suit puppies ranging from under 1.25kg to 30kg. No matter the breed of your puppy, if it’s between two and four months old, we’ve got a raw puppy food package to suit. All of our packages come in weekly sizes, so there’s enough for seven meals. You can buy a one off pack, or you can choose to subscribe. If you do, we’ll send you out seven meals every week, meaning your pup will never have to wait too long for tea time. You’ll get a 5% discount too!

Packed with human-grade meat, our raw puppy food comes in nine different mixes. Five of those are our Essentials range, which include different varieties of meat (chicken, beef, duck, kangaroo, and lamb). Then we have another three Complete varieties designed to support your pup with various dietary requirements. These are our mixes that include the fruit and veggies that you might not have instinctively thought to give your puppy. There’s Digestion Support, Mobility Care, and Proactive Health, and each one features a different range of plants and vitamins. 

We also have a Balanced version of Proactive Health that contains chicken and splits the difference between the Complete and Essentials ranges. This one contains some probiotics and plants such as carrots and kelp, along with a bit of beef offal. The overall result is a meal that’s easier on your puppies tummy and their tongue!

Raw Puppy Food From CDK9

With no additives, fillers, or preservatives, you can rest assured that a puppy fed by CDK9 is getting the best raw puppy food money can buy. If you’re new to raw feeding, kick things off with one of the Essentials mixes. This is likely to be your best bet for transitioning your puppy’s digestive system to a new raw diet. These things take a bit to adjust - it’s easy to forget that there’s a whole ecosystem down in your guts, and it’s hardly going to overhaul itself overnight. Once your pup is loving their new menu, you can pivot into the Complete or Balanced options. Then it’s a matter of sitting back and watching their tails start wagging every time dinner rolls around. Your dog will thank you for their raw puppy food by having more energy, giving you more thankful cuddles, and - best of all - having less stinky breath!

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