Subscription 'How To's

Our raw food subscriptions are the easiest way to feed your dog - simply select your frequency (every 1-4 weeks), pick your products and then open your door!

Unlike many other providers who lock you into the same products or frequencies, our subscriptions are completely flexible. And the best part? You can manage it all via our online portal!

We've created a handy How To Guide to help you through common tasks.

How To Guide

For all of these activities, you will need to Log In to your account and head to the 'Manage Subscription' area.

You need to have placed a subscription order already to access this area.


What if I don't have an account? 

Simply create an account using the same email address that you used to place your subscription order. Once logged in, you will be able to see your existing subscription(s) in the 'Manage Subscription' area.


How do I change my order date?

  • In the Manage Subscription area, click on Change Order Date
  • Select the date that you would like your order to be processed
  • Click Save Changes

Note: Order date is not the same as delivery date. Order date is the date that your order will be processed. Orders must be processed before the delivery cutoff (e.g. Monday midnight for Sydney) in order to be delivered the same week.


How do I skip an order?

  • In the Manage Subscription area, click on View Details and then Manage Upcoming Orders
  • Next to the order that you would like to skip, click Skip Order
  • If you would like to change and re-instate your order, simply click Resume Order


How do I change the frequency of my order?

  • In the Manage Subscription area, click on Change Frequency under Order Frequency
  • Select the adjusted order frequency from the drop down menus
  • Click Save Changes

Note: changing your order frequency doesn't automatically change your next order date.


How do I add products to my order?

This is a tricky one as it's actually completed outside of the Manage Subscription area!

  • Log in to your account
  • Head to the product that you would like to add to your subscription
  • Once on the product page, select Subscribe and Save
  • Click on the Add to my existing subscription button that now appears
  • You will now be able to see the new product in your Manage Subscription area!


How do I remove products from my order?

  • In the Manage Subscription area, click on View Details and then Products in your subscription
  • Next to the product you would like to remove, click Remove Product


How will I know when my next order is due?

  • Three (3) days before your order is due to be processed (your order date), you will receive a reminder email - if you haven't received this please add us to your safe senders list
  • OR you can check in any time in the Manage Subscription area


We're always looking for feedback, so if there's a subscription-related question that isn't answer here please get in touch!