Raw Dog Food

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From everything you’ve probably heard, raw dog food might sound like the way of the future, but it’s actually the way of the past. It’s based on the diet that a dog would’ve gotten back when it was closer to a wolf than a Westie. Thing is, their guts haven’t actually changed that much in all that time. They’re as hungry for raw meat, fruit, and vegetables as ever. Yes, you read that right - fruit and vegetables. Your dog needs both! They need vitamins in the same way that you do, so make sure they get them the right way. Not with chalky, musty dry food and tinned slobber, but with a proper raw diet. Not convinced? We understand. It’s hard to shake off a lifetime of cultural conditioning. Just start things off with our single bags, see how much your dog likes them, and then we can take it from there. 

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Our single bags come in nine different mixes, and each of those comes in four sizes. You can get 250g, 500g, 1kg, or 10kg of any of our mix options. There’s the Essentials range, which is basically straight-up raw meat. Chicken, duck, lamb, beef, and kangaroo are all on offer and we’re sure you’re dog will froth just about any of them. The Complete range kicks things up a notch, mixing in the plants and vitamins that your dog needs to maintain its physical condition. Mobility Care, Digestion Support, and Proactive Health are all available, with the best option for you depending on what your dog needs most. If your best mate isn’t presenting with any kind of outstanding health condition, you can split the difference and opt for the Balanced Proactive Health mix. This one is made up of chicken, beef offal, probiotic plants like kelp, then carrots, and some other vitamins and veggies to keep your dog’s skin, stomach, and saliva all in check.

Single Raw Dog Food Bags from CDK9

As mentioned, you can get these in four different sizes depending on how much you’re going to feed your pooch. While we do offer weekly packages, we understand that every dog is different and yours may be on a different diet to what we recommend. If that’s the case, feel free to buy a single bag as a one off purchase, or subscribe for a 5% discount and weekly delivery of the exact amount of food you know your pup needs. If you need any help making this kind of decision, don’t hesitate to jump on the phone or email with us. Our customer service is second to none, and we’re always chuffed to help someone put their dog onto healthier lifestyle choices. 

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