Raw Puppy Food (6-8 Months)

Dogs have been eating raw meat, fruit, and veggies for millennia. Hard to believe when all you’ve seen them eat is that slop that comes in a tin or that dry chalk that comes out of a bag! Fact is, they still have a whole bunch of evolutionary leftovers from their wolf days. You ought to feed them with that in mind. We promise you’ll notice a difference. Raw puppy food isn’t just some fad trend that’s cropped up on the blogosphere, it’s a scientifically legit way to feed your furry friends. 

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CDK9 does raw puppy food in ten package sizes, catering to suit puppies that are under 2.5kg, all the way up to 40kg pups. The breed is irrelevant, if your dog is in that six-to-eight month age range, we have a package of raw puppy food that is suited to their size. We don’t do things halfway, so every package comes with a week's worth of meals. If you just want to buy one week to test things out, that’s fine. If you’re ready to commit to a healthier lifestyle for your dog, we offer subscriptions that will come to your door week after week, with the added bonus of a 5% discount.

Each pack is stuffed with meat that’s fit for humans. We have nine different mixes, five in the Essentials range and three in the Complete. The Essentials just include raw meat of your choosing - lamb, chicken, duck, beef, or kangaroo. The Complete meals have more dietary requirements in mind - our Digestion Support, Mobility Care, and Proactive Health mixes all contain a different selection of fruit, veggies, and vitamins to keep your pup in ship shape.

Last but not least is the Balanced Proactive Health mix. This one has chicken, carrots, kelp, some beef offal, and a few vitamins to boost. It’s basically the midpoint between our Complete and Essentials packages. Whichever one you choose, we’re confident your dog is going to love their new raw puppy food.

Raw Puppy Food From CDK9

Our raw puppy food doesn’t have any preservatives, fillers, or additives involved. We keep things raw and real. CDK9 stocks the best raw puppy food you can get. Grab your pup some of the Essentials mix to get their digestive system back to what it was meant to be, then after a week or two, you can switch them over to the Complete or Balanced mixes. After that, it’s just a matter of letting the subscription roll in and watching your pup grow up big, strong, happy, and healthier than ever.

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