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Hungry dogs don’t like to wait! That’s why CDK9 offers express raw dog food delivery, anywhere in Australia. Our frozen packages are sure to arrive for your pooch in top condition, ready for them to chow down on some of the best food canines can get. 

CDK9 are committed to offering the best raw dog food in Australia, because it’s what your dogs deserve. Let’s put it this way - imagine you’re a dog. What would you rather eat? The same dry, crusty bits of kibble, day in day out, or a wholesome, colourful variety of fish, meat, veggies, fruits and berries? You hardly even have to imagine being a dog to answer the question, really. The answer’s obvious. 

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Frankly, it’s remarkable that dogs have been fed any other way for as long as they have. Somehow people have managed to forget that in spite of all the progress we’ve made in domesticating them, dogs are wild animals at heart. They’re just cuter, cuddlier, more friendly wolves! Same way that you and I aren’t much more than a pack of monkeys with smartphones.

Never in the millions of years that wolves, dogs, monkeys, and humans have roamed the earth, has there ever been a naturally occurring source of kibble. No caveman and his wolf friend were ever wandering through the wilderness and were happy to stumble upon a fountain spewing out grainy, musty-smelling bits of dry food. Even if they did, you can’t imagine they’d have been too happy about it. It’s always been a much different story - dogs get a cut of the human food, and they like their cut before we cook it. That’s why CDK9 is so invested in express raw dog food delivery. 

Have you ever seen a dog eat a berry? Maybe you saw one in an online video, and thought it was a cute and unique event. That’s a shame, in our books. Dogs love berries! We don’t know what went wrong to make people forget that. Dogs love fruit and veggies as much as humans do. You’re never going to convince a dog to go vegan (and in fact, you absolutely shouldn’t do that!), but they love a bit of ballast to go along with their meat. 

Express Raw Dog Food Delivery from CDK9

Dogs are meant to be our best friends, and we ought to feed them that way. They have dietary requirements just like you or I, and we both know that eating the same thing every day doesn’t end up with us feeling happy and healthy in our bodies or our brains. You wouldn’t house down a bowl of mashed potatoes every night for six months and expect to come out the other end feeling okay, would you? Do right by your doggo. Hook yourselves up with an express raw dog food delivery from CDK9 and see the difference it makes in your pooch. They’ll be more energetic, give you more thankful cuddles, and best of all? Their breath won’t stink as much! How’s that for a good result? 

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