Raw Food For Adult Dogs

Our weekly raw dog food packages for adult dogs make it super convenient for you to feed your furry friends. Simply select the portion size tailored for your dog and have it delivered to your door - it's that easy!

If your dog is less than 12 months old, head to the Puppy sections for their serving sizes.

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If you’ve got a canine companion who’s over a year old and you want to feed them right, you need to get them some big dog raw food. “Raw food,” we hear you say, “the dry food I give them is raw!” It might be uncooked, sure, but it’s also trash. When we say big dog raw food, we mean the food that your dog is actually meant to eat. We’re talking about raw meat, bones, and cartilage. We’re talking about fruit and veggies. We’re talking about a whole and balanced diet that will have your dog looking good, feeling great, and smelling wonderful.

A lot of pet owners forget that evolutionarily speaking, it hasn’t been that long since your cute, little dog was a gnarly, snarling wolf. Their guts are still designed to process food the way a wolf was, and their brains are designed to seek out that type of food. Do you reckon your dog is a fussy eater? Chances are you just haven’t shown the type of food they’re actually supposed to be eating. That’s where CDK9’s big dog raw food comes in.

We stock packages for dogs ranging from less than 5kg, all the way up to 50kg+. No matter what breed you’ve got, if they’re over the age of 12 months, we’ve got a meal here for them. All our weekly packages come with seven servings, so your canine is all set for a whole week. You can buy a package as a one-off, or subscribe to get a fresh box each week. That option nets you a 5% discount, and it’s a convenient way to make sure your dog is in the best condition of its life.

Every one of our weekly packages comes in nine different variations. You’ve got five Essentials packs, which come with a bunch of raw meat (chicken, beef, duck, kangaroo, or lamb) and some offal to boot. Then you’ve got our Complete packs, which help to tackle your dog’s specific dietary needs. These are the packs that are loaded up with fruit, veg, and vitamins - go with Digestion Support, Mobility Care, or Proactive Health as you think best suits your pup. Then there’s the Balanced option, which splits the difference between the Complete and the Essentials packs - plenty of chicken, a bit of offal, and some core carbs and plants to support doggy digestion.

Big Dog Raw Food from CDK9

All of our raw food consists of human-grade meat, and the fruit and veg are free from additives, preservatives, and fillers. Your dog is your best friend, so you ought to feed them that way. By giving them a healthy mix of raw meat, fruit, and veg, you can be sure that they’ll have more energy, better health, and their appetite back. You’ll be rewarded with a tail wag every time dinner rolls around, a bunch of grateful cuddles, and thanks to their gut being in good nick, their breath won’t smell half as bad as it usually does! So you’ll be able to handle that happy lick on the face that they give you without wanting to chuck up your own dinner. 

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