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Chicken Proactive Health Mix

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Our Chicken Proactive Health Raw Dog Food contains our high quality chicken base, mixed with crushed vegetables and fruit targeted at maintaining a healthy, happy dog.

Contains human-grade chicken meat, chicken bones, beef offal, carrots, blueberries, kale, brewers yeast and kelp.


Ingredients Benefits

Chicken meat

Fantastic, clean base protein for dogs and generally the easiest to digest

Chicken bones

Contain appropriate ratios of calcium and phosphorus (the two most important minerals for dogs) as well as a range of other minerals such as zinc, magnesium and iron

Beef offal

Organ meats are packed full of minerals along with fat soluble vitamins such as A, D, E and K, and B vitamins


Full of Vitamin A to support clear skin, shiny coats and a strong immune system, and stacked with beta-carotene for healthy eyes


High in Vitamin C and packed with antioxidants proven to fight free radicals and reduce onset of illnesss (e.g. cancer), as well as Vitamin K to support healthy bone density


Great source of Vitamins A, C and K, along with minerals such as calcium, potassium and iron

Brewers Yeast

Rich in B Vitamins and antioxidants for healthy skin, coats, eyes and liver function, along with minerals such as selenium, zinc and magnesium - essential for a variety of cell and organ functions


The easiest 'super green' for dogs to digest, kelp contains a range of vitamins (A,B, E, D and K) along with iodine for balancing glandular function and algin to help remove heavy metals from their systems

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