Raw Chicken For Dogs

Raw chicken is a great option for dogs who enjoy chewing on soft bones and the flavour of raw meat.

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Raw chicken is a great source of protein for dogs and can be fed as part of their regular diet or as a treat. It's important to choose chicken that is free from antibiotics and hormones and has been fed a healthy diet, which is why CDK9 is the best option for raw chicken for dogs. 

Raw chicken wings or necks are a good option for small dogs, while larger dogs may enjoy raw chicken frames. Be sure to supervise your dog while they're eating raw chicken necks, do not cook the chicken neck as it can be a choking hazard and it is safer to eat when raw.

Raw Chicken Bones For Dogs

Raw chicken is a good source of vitamins and minerals like iron, zinc, and B vitamins. They can also give your pup's teeth and jaw a good workout by leaving any leftover bones for them to chew on. Besides, it occupies them for a while and gives them a fun mental exercise with their treat. 

Raw chicken bones for dogs can provide a nutritious part of their meal or snack. While cooked chicken bones can splinter and cause serious health problems for dogs, raw chicken bones are generally safe and are known to help clean your dog's teeth and remove tartar. When feeding raw chicken bones to your dog, you can rest easy that it’s safe to consume. 

Raw Chicken Necks For Dogs

Chicken necks are especially good for smaller dogs, as they provide a good source of protein and fat without being too tough to chew and give them the feeling of being a true predator. Basically the fantasy of every Chihuahua on this planet. 

Smaller dogs can chew chicken necks without difficulty. Plus, your dog will get an extra treat from any meat on the bone.

Smaller dogs tend to have more crowded teeth and chicken neck fibrous muscle on bone structure helps clean the tightly squeezed parts of your dogs’ teeth that not even their little toothbrush can handle. 

It’s a tasty and healthy treat for your dog- raw chicken is just what every dog needs. Not only is it delicious and nutritious, but it also provides plenty of benefits for your canine companion, keeping them fuller for longer, and helping them in their muscle formation. While kibble might be making them heavy, the raw chicken meat will maintain their lean physique. 

Overall, it’s a crunchy treat for all dogs, from small Chihuahuas to large Basset Hounds. 

Chicken Frames For Dogs

Chicken frames are a great source of protein and can help keep your dog healthy and fit. They are also relatively low in calories, so they can be a good option for dogs who are trying to lose weight. (Although you do have to consider the fat content in your dogs' diet.)

Chicken frames are a great no-nonsense addition to their diet, a healthy and natural snack. Guaranteed to be loved by furry friends of all sizes.