Beef, Kangaroo & Lamb for Dogs

The numerous benefits of red meat make feeding it to your canines a cheap and effect method of providing essential nutrients.

At CDK9, we offer raw packs of human-grade beef, kangaroo and lamb for those looking to shift their dog's diet to a more natural food source. So check out the packages on our website today to give your dogs a delicious dose of healthy food!

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Why Feed Your Dog Raw Red Meat?

Many processed dog food contains additives that could harm your dog in the long run. In addition, dry kibble may only sometimes be the best thing you can offer your pets to sate their appetites and give them the nutrients they need. 

That's where CDK9's raw beef, lamb, and kangaroo packs come in! Our delicious Australian-sourced meats come with zero preservatives and fillers, making this the healthiest thing you can feed your furry friend. 

Read on to see how adding these meats to your dog's diet can be a huge game changer. 

Beef for Dogs

Beef cuts are a cost-effective and nutritious way to give your dog a tasty meal. CDK9 offers grass-fed beef trims and brisket bones to give your dog a healthy dose of iron, zinc, niacin and choline. More importantly, it contains more omega-3 fatty acids than other grain-fed substitutes.

We also offer beef offal such as kidney and liver. These organs come packed with Vitamin A, B12, Pantothenic acid, riboflavin, niacin, folate, iron, zinc, copper and selenium.

Lamb for Dogs

Introduce your dog to flavour town with our delicious lamb essentials mix and marrow bones. 

Our essentials pack for lamb include mince mixed with offal such as hearts and kidneys. This delicious pack is a game-changer if your dog is a fussy eater. The mixes are nutritious, delicious and ready to go!

If your canine has been chewing your belongings more often than usual, throw them a lamb bone, so they have something juicier and more delicious to sink their teeth into instead of your couch! These bones are remarkable, helping to naturally strengthen and clean your furry friend's teeth.

Kangaroo for Dogs

If your dog has been experiencing food allergies, kangaroo meat has been known to settle their stomachs. This low-fat meat is an excellent addition to their meals as it are easy to digest and delicious. 

As an excellent source of protein, zinc and iron, we recommend adding it to their rotation at least twice a week. CDK9 offers kangaroo essentials packs for cats and dogs, so order some for your furry friend now! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is in Your Essentials Mix?

Our essential mixes generally contain a healthy blend of meat mince such as kangaroo, beef or lamb along with offal such as kidney, heart or liver for an extra vitamin and mineral boost! 

Do You Offer Express Delivery?

Yes, we do! 

For those pet parents in a time crunch, we understand if you forget to make a purchase. That's why we offer express delivery options to ensure your pet recieves their delicious and nutritious food quickly.

In addition, we also have a subscription service available for those of you looking to recieve weekly deliveries. For more information on our services and products, feel free to check out our FAQ page