The importance of raw food in a puppies diet

Are you considering raising your puppy on a raw diet? But you’re unsure of what it entails? Let’s talk about it. Raw food for dogs is a common diet choice taken by pet owners. This is mostly to ensure that their dog is receiving the most nutrients out of their meal. But is this true? 

In this article, CDK9 is going to answer the common myths surrounding serving puppies a raw food diet. CDK9 is a raw puppy food supplier and specialist that stocks an array of organs and bones to suit your pet’s nutritional needs. Check out the types of packages we have available today!

Is a raw food diet good for puppies?

Similar to little humans, puppies require a tonne of nutrition in order to develop properly. Puppies generally wean off their mother's milk at about four to five weeks of age and are ready to eat more solid food at this point. By feeding them the right nutrition at a young age, you are creating an excellent base for their adult health. 

A raw diet that consists of all the nutrients your puppy needs could help support: 

  • Balanced growth of the puppy
  • Immune functions
  • Healthy weight 
  • Strong bones and joints

Puppies mature quickly so they should be fed a balanced diet when growing. It is important to remember that they need a good mix of proteins, fats, calcium and carbohydrates. While dry kibble claims to have all the nutrients a puppy requires for growth, there are often low-quality ingredients used and many allergens present in this diet. A great replacement for dry dog biscuits is the complete mix of raw food for small dogs and puppies.  

How much raw food should a puppy eat a day?

Bringing your puppy home on the first night is one of the most wonderful experiences. It can be fun and entertaining to have a new member in the household. But in all the excitement, you should remember that your puppy is still a little one that needs proper feeding.

Avoid overfeeding or underfeeding your puppy. Overfeeding causes health complications such as obesity, heart problems and joint issues. Whereas, underfeeding causes staggered growth and a compromised immune system.  Find a balance and feed them a set amount regularly. Depending on the species, puppies require a minimum of five percent of their body weight to maintain weight and support development. Split this number into two or three meals a day. An easy way to have this prepared and ready to go is by subscribing to our plans for puppy raw food.   

Can you mix raw and dry food for a puppy? 

Yes, you can mix raw and dry food to serve to your pup. It is a common myth that mixing them can cause problems for your puppy’s gut. But that is untrue. Mixing the two is fine thanks to the highly acidic nature of your pup's stomach. This gives it the ability to digest raw meat and organs (proteins and vitamins) appropriately along with dry food. Adding kibble also gives pups who are just trying the raw diet a chance to slowly wean off processed puppy food.  

Do dogs poop less on a raw diet?

You might notice that your pup has slowed down on passing stool once they have switched to a raw diet. This is normal as they have finally started to absorb all the nutrition that comes from a raw diet for dogs. This means they generally eat less and therefore excrete less. 

Where can I buy puppy raw food?

If you’re looking for a subscription-based service that delivers meals for your pooch directly to your home, then CDK9 is here to help. We offer a variety of human-grade raw meat and internal organs. Choose between a variety of packages of puppy food that prioritise immunity and physical health.  

If you’re looking for smaller bones to give your pup something to chew on instead of the furniture, we recommend smaller bones like duck feet, chicken necks and chicken wings for puppies

CDK9 specialises in delivering the highest quality raw food for your puppy. You can take a look at our extensive menu of internal organs and frozen meat for pets. Our subscription service can be accessed through our website and can be paused or cancelled at any time. For more information, check our FAQ page or feel free to contact us directly.

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