If your dog is less than 12 months old, head to the Puppy sections for their serving sizes.

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Whether you’ve got a little lap dog or a big burly working dog, CDK9 have a range of raw pet food that will suit their weight. Raw pet food is growing in popularity as more and more conscientious pet owners realise the many benefits of giving your dogs what they have evolved to eat. It’s easy to forget that, on an evolutionary timeline, your dog isn’t that different to the big slobbering wolf it was hundreds of thousands of years ago. Their guts are made for digesting raw meat and produce, so why are we stuck feeding them dusty, crusty dry food and jelly-like meat mush? 

If you’ve got a dog that’s over a year old and you know how much it weighs, check out our range of raw pet food by weight. Hook your best friend up with a meal that’s good for them, and that they’ll enjoy. CDK9 has raw pet food in packages to suit dogs ranging from under 5kg up to 50kg+. Each package contains seven meals, so they’re perfect for a week's worth of food. You can choose to get a one off package, if you just want to test out your dog’s favourite flavour, or you can subscribe to get a batch of meals every week. A subscription will even save you 5% on every order, so combine that with the convenience of never running out of food and you’re onto a winner.

Our raw pet food comes in nine different variations. We have five Essentials mixes, which contain straight up meat and offal. These are your best bet if you’re just starting your dog on a raw food diet. They’ll kick off the transition and begin switching their digestive system to this new mode of eating. Your meat options when it comes to Essentials are chicken, duck, beef, lamb, and kangaroo. 

If you want something with a bit more nutritional heft, check out our Complete mixes. These go above and beyond AAFCO requirements and are stacked with nutrients and minerals that can sometimes go astray when moving to a raw diet. They contain a variety of meats, offal, bones, and cartilage, plus heaps of fruits and veggies. The mix varies depending on whether you get the Digestion Support, Proactive Health, or Mobility Care mix. 

Lastly, we have our Balanced mix. This one contains chicken meat, bones & cartilage, some beef offal, and a few choice fruits and veggies to get your dog's digestive system moving along just as nature intended. It splits the difference between the Essentials and Complete mixes. 

Raw Pet Food From CDK9

Whichever option you choose, just pick the one that corresponds to your canine’s weight, and we’ll send you seven perfectly measured meals to keep them satisfied all week long. They’ll thank you with a wagging tail, some grateful cuddles, and much better breath than you’re used to!