It's important for us that your dog lives a thriving and happy life - because your pet deserves the best. We believe that our all-natural beef options should be an essential component of your dog's regular diet. 

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That is why we have changed the game in dog food. Whether you are looking to add raw beef as a complement or as part of a complete nutritional mix, we have got your puppers back. Australian soured with zero additives, differentiating us from your usual raw food suppliers. 

Our Beef is human grade and grass-fed, naturally full in iron and zinc, and higher in omega than non-grass fed beef. 

Your Fur-Baby will know they're loved when you serve them the delicious raw diet options that their digestive system is designed to handle. 

Healthy Food For Dogs

Give your dog a complete raw mix, with zero additives, and sourced from Australian farmers. It soothes the digestive system and supports your pup's immune system. 

We offer a variety of beef, mince, brisket with the bone, and beef mixes for dogs of all ages.

Raw meat on the bones is safe for your dog! In fact, it's an important part of their diet and offers a range of health benefits.

It will allow them to exercise their jaw muscles, not to mention being an important source of calcium and therefore will naturally support their joints and bones- necessary for all the zoomies that will undoubtedly happen when CDK9 box delivery arrives. 

Dogs are meant to be on raw diets. Their gut flora is formulated to digest raw meat. Their jaw structure and teeth are the same as that of their carnivorous wolf ancestors. 

The feedback we get from customers who switch is a testament to how our food transforms both dogs' and cats' energy, improvement with skin and digestive issues, and the fussy pets build up an appetite for our raw pet food. 

Raw Dog Food Delivery

The minute our boxes arrive at your home, your fur baby will zoom across the room to get a sniff of their yummy raw food. Heckin delicious!

You can trust us with your dogs' health. Your animals are the reason we do what we do, and we're committed to providing the highest quality of care possible.

At CDK9, we understand how important your dogs' health is. That's why we take our responsibility to provide the best possible care for them especially seriously.

The quality of the food we provide got us a mention by the Melbourne dog lovers show magazine.

A Well-Rounded Raw Pet Food Diet

We listened to our customers and were the first to launch a Complete mix for those with less time to plan out their own DIY solution. We take all the thinking out of it for you!

They are a great hit and the feedback has been outstanding. 

We are looking forward to launching our next products. And we appreciate all our customers taking CDK9 on a leap of faith when it comes to going raw.