Raw feeding guide

The amount of food your dog needs each day depends on a range of factors, including:

  • Weight
  • Age
  • Stage of life (e.g. pregnant)
  • Breed
  • Activity levels

For example, a 20kg working line dog who receives multiple hours of exercise per day will likely require more food than a 20kg older dog who spends most of their time inside.

Likewise, pregnant or lactating dogs will require additional food per day depending on the stage of pregnancy and how old the puppies are.

Body Weight Guide

The figures below are general guides rather than strict rules. We have had some adult dogs that require in excess of 3% daily food to maintain a healthy weight, and likewise have had others that require less than 2%.

So, we recommend picking a starting point within the recommended range, and then monitoring the general body shape as well as their energy levels and moods.

For each age bracket, the percentage of food daily is based on their current body weight.

Visual Guide

A good way to test whether you should aim for the higher or lower range of the above percentages is to look at your dog's body shape and understand where they sit on the guide below.

For example, if your adult dog is overweight then we would suggest targeting the lower range.

Top tip: if your dog is 12 months or over and is severely overweight, then you may want to feed them 3 - 2% of their ideal body weight rather than of their current weight.


Our mixes have been developed to be fed together, as variety has been proven to be incredibly important in supporting healthy digestive and immune systems for dogs.

All of our mixes have a protein base, with 10% offal - 5% liver and 5% other organs. We have two mixes with bone included - Chicken and Duck, and three mixes without bone - Kangaroo, Beef and Lamb.

So what does a balanced diet look like?

We recommend picking one boned mix as the base, then adding in 1-2 days of a boneless mix and whole fish once per week. This will provide appropriate variety as well as an appropriate level of bone (approx. 10%).

If you prefer feeding Prey Model Raw then we also offer a wide range of raw meaty bones and can source specialist offal on request, just get in touch!

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