Have You Been Feeding Your Dog these Essential Vitamins?

When it comes to providing your furry friend with the best nutrition, vitamins for dogs are essential. But what kind of vitamins are right for your furry friend? Understanding the basics of vitamins and their role in your pup’s life can help keep them healthy and happy. 

It's no secret that including all the necessary nutrients in your dog's diet is a very important factor in ensuring their overall health and well-being. So, it's best to buy the highest quality food that’s out there. Raw dog food is one of those options, as it provides the complete nutrition your canine will need to keep them happy and healthy. 

Plus, raw dog food doesn't have any added fillers or preservatives, meaning you know exactly what is going into your pet's body – and that they are getting quality vitamins, minerals and proteins. With CDK9, you can subscribe to raw dog food packages today and have them delivered right to your doorstep.

Let’s take a look at some of the most important vitamins you should be feeding your dog. 

Vitamin A 

Vitamin A is an important vitamin for dogs for several reasons. First, it helps support good eyesight, which is especially important as dogs age. It also plays an important role in maintaining healthy skin and coats. Vitamin A is found in eggs, liver, fish oil,and dairy products like yogurt and cottage cheese. It’s also available as a supplement or in a multivitamin formula specifically designed for dogs. 

Vitamin B Complex 

The B-complex vitamins are important for the proper nourishment and metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. B vitamins help maintain energy levels while promoting healthy skin, haircoat and nerve function. Foods that are high in B vitamins include:

  • Meat (especially organ meats)
  • Fish (like salmon or halibut)
  • Nuts (such as almonds or walnuts)
  • Whole grains (like oats or wheat germ)
  • Dairy products (such as yogurt or cottage cheese)
  • Legumes (like lentils or beans)
  • Dark leafy greens (such as spinach or kale)
  • Eggs. 

B vitamins can also be found in numerous supplements specifically formulated for canines. 

Vitamin E 

Vitamin E is essential for good health because it helps protect cells from damage caused by free radicals created during metabolic processes. Vitamin E aids in: 

  • Healing wounds by promoting tissue repair and cell regeneration
  • Preventing heart disease by reducing harmful cholesterol levels
  • Boosting immune system function to fight infection better
  • Supporting brain health by helping with cognitive functions like memory recall
  • Improving circulation to provide more oxygen throughout the body  

Vitamin E can be found naturally occurring in wheat germ oil, olive oil, sunflower seeds and many other foods like sweet potatoes or spinach; however, supplementation with a specific product designed for dogs is typically recommended when necessary due to its potency level being too strong when taken orally from natural food sources alone. 

Keeping your pup in top form can be as easy as feeding them the right foods. It may sound counterintuitive, but giving your pooch raw food is the best choice for optimal health and nutrition – especially if you make sure they get all of the essential vitamins and minerals they need. 

Not only are raw diets for dogs full of nutrients that can help to fight off illnesses, they also taste much better to dogs than prepackaged kibble. While it's definitely more effort on our part, nothing beats providing our beloved fur babies with a healthy, natural food option. And nourishing their bodies with proper vitamins is the perfect complementary step in giving them a well-balanced diet! 

Knowing which vitamins are essential and where they can be found, both naturally occurring and through supplementation, will keep your pup happy and healthy while ensuring they get all they need! Don’t forget that speaking with your veterinarian about nutritional needs specific to your fur baby is always a great idea.

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