4 Benefits of Adding Chicken to Your Puppy’s Diet

Chicken is a great source of protein for dogs. It's also relatively low in fat, making it a good option for puppies who are trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. Adding chicken to your puppy's diet can also help increase their energy levels and promote a healthy coat and skin. Chicken necks are especially good for dogs because they are packed with nutrients and easy to chew. Chicken frames are another great option for dogs. They are packed with calcium and phosphorus, which are essential for strong bones and teeth. Plus, they're a great source of glucosamine, which can help keep your pup's joints healthy. In this blog, we’ll list four of the greatest benefits you can expect from feeding your puppy chicken, and answer a few common questions.

Benefit #1: Chicken provides energy for puppies

A huge portion of the canine diet is protein. That’s where they get most of their energy from, and chicken has that in spades. Dogs (and humans, and basically every other animal) use protein to maintain their muscle tissues, and any protein they ingest that goes above and beyond their maintenance requirements gets used as fuel for activity. Power up your pup, feed them some chicken.

Benefit #2: Chicken builds your puppy’s muscle mass

Like we said, protein is used to maintain and build muscles. Muscles are subject to wear and tear, just like anything else. As they break down and build up they need to be replaced. Chicken, with its huge proportion of protein, provides the necessary elements to keep your pup growing into a strong, full-sized dog.

Benefit #3: Chicken is full of Omega-6 fatty acids

Omega-6 fatty acids are crucial for keeping your puppy’s coat and skin healthy. The amount of silky shine that your puppy will develop from adding Omega-6 fatty acids to their diet genuinely can’t be overstated. You’ll wonder when your adorable little pup turned into a prize pooch. Give them a pattable, head-turning look by adding some chicken to their diet. 

Benefit #4: Chicken is full of amino acids.

Proteins are made of amino acids. Your puppy can’t produce all of these on their own, so they’ve got to get them from somewhere. There are twenty-two amino acids in total and ten of them need to come from diet or supplements. Enter: chicken. Animal proteins are the simplest source of amino acids, because their high protein content means they’re made of amino acids themselves. Chicken is a great option for ensuring that your pup has a healthy stock of the nutrients it needs to develop happily.

Can Dogs Eat Raw Chicken?

Short answer? Yes. That said, they run the risk of getting salmonella just as much as humans do (maybe slightly less, thanks to their tougher guts). That’s why you should make sure you get any raw chicken that you feed your dogs from a safe and reliable source, such as CDK9. 

Are Chicken Necks Good For Dogs?

They sure are, but maybe not for your pups. They’re great for their dental health, but it’s best to wait until your canine pal is fully grown before you start giving them these crunchy treats. While a chicken neck is a great high protein, high calcium snack for a big dog, they can be a bit unwieldy for smaller breeds, and can pose a choking risk. When you’re confident your dog is ready to start chowing down on a chook neck, we sell them by the kilo bag here at CDK9.

Raw Chicken For Dogs From CDK9

CDK9 stocks a wicked range of chicken based meals and treats for puppies. Like we said, you might want to leave off on the bonier, more cartilage based cuts such as necks and wings until your pup is fully grown. Until then, give them a head start on their development with our Chicken Essentials Mix, which contains just the right amount of bones, cartilage, and even beef offal to provide your pup with a full spectrum of proteins and amino acids. Get in touch if need be, and check out our range today.

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