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Complete Mobility Care Mix (Frozen)

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Our complete mixes have been formulated to exceed AAFCO requirements. Each one includes all key nutrients and minerals required by dogs including those generally lacking in a raw diet such as manganese, Vitamin E, Vitamin D and zinc in natural and bioavailable forms.

CDK9 Raw mixes include human-grade meat, fruit and vegetables with zero additives, preservatives or fillers. All of our meat is sourced from Australian farmers, including grass fed and pasture-raised animals.

Our Complete Mobility Care raw dog food has been developed to help calm and reduce inflammation. Each ingredient has been carefully picked to support detoxification and includes anti-cancer agents (betalains), nitrates to reduce blood pressure and minerals beneficial to heart, liver and digestive systems.

The bonus bit €“ the parsley and celery make it a great breath-cleanser too!

Ingredients: chicken meat, kangaroo meat, chicken bones & cartilage, beef liver, beef offal, green beef tripe (cold washed), sardines, sweet potato, beetroot, celery, parsley, devils claw root, hemp seeds, wheat germ oil, zinc sulfate

Guaranteed Analysis (per 100g) - Metabolisable energy: 580 kJ/100g, Protein: 15.4g, Fat: 8.9g, Crude fibre: <1.0g, Moisture: 70.1%, Ash: 3g, Calcium: 480mg, Phosphorus: 380mg


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