Why Raw Chicken Wings are the Perfect Food for Dogs

Sick of feeding your dog dry kibble? We’re not surprised! Although this is a 20th century thing, pooches all over the globe are fed up with gorging themselves on the same food day in and day out. Luckily, there’s a simple solution for saving your canine friend from a lifetime of dietary doom. Feed your four-legged pal raw chicken wings, and get that tail wagging! Why raw chicken wings? Raw meat is the most ancient doggie diet out there for a good reason. Packed with protein and calcium, raw chicken wings are a culinary staple dating back to prehistoric cavemen times. 

Back in those days, humans and their canine buddies used up a ton more physical energy and brain power than they do today, and so it was extremely important that they had sustainable sources of nutrition to allow for their daily activities of hunting and surviving. In other words, whatever doggos ate back then is precisely what they should be eating today if their owners want them to enjoy the same health and energy as their canine ancestors.

Not convinced? Keep reading to discover the health benefits of raw chicken wings!

Healthier Skin and Coat

Ever envisioned your pooch running through a scenic beach with a coat that gleams from head to toe like a doggie model in a commercial? Raw chicken wings are your best bet for making that dream a reality! The protein will increase your pet’s hair growth and toughen up all the individual hair follicles so that there is less shedding. Meanwhile, the amino acids will keep your canine friend’s locks soft and shiny. 

Better Teeth and Gums

You can be sure that your pooch's canine ancestors needed mouths full of healthy teeth for hunting prey and fending off attacks from predators. Back then, there wasn't any doggie vet hanging about, ready to perform dental surgery for the dentally challenged canines. Maybe you’re scratching your head right now. How come the pampered pooches of today suffer from worse dental health than all their jaded ancestors? The culprit is dry kibble! Dry kibble is so effortless for our twenty-first-century pooches to chew that, as a result, their jaw muscles weaken from lack of use, and their teeth don’t develop properly. Your answer to this dental dilemma is raw chicken wings! Raw chicken wings are a brilliant source of calcium, which promotes stronger teeth that are more resilient to breakage. 

Muscle Growth

Even the laziest members of your dog’s prehistoric family tree could never be described as couch potatoes. Nearly every waking hour of a caveman-era pooch’s time needed to be spent running and hunting for the next meal. To go about these physically demanding daily activities, your canine friend’s ancestors needed powerful muscles, and you can be sure that they didn't bulk up on dry kibble. By feeding your pooch the prehistoric dietary staple of raw chicken wings, you’ll give him access to an excellent source of protein! Protein will keep your dog’s muscles in top condition and boost immunity to injury. So if you want your pooch to stick around for a long time, raw chicken wings are an excellent way to start!

Raw Chicken Wings from CDK9

With none of the artificial additives and fillers trending these days as dog food brands multiply by the many, you can be sure that raw chicken wings from CDK9 are the best out there. Just be sure not to cook the raw chicken wings before serving them to your pooch. Cooked chicken could be a potential choking hazard to your dog as the softened bone may splinter and cause internal injury to the windpipe. 

Ready to reap the rewards of a stronger, healthier, and happier four-legged friend? Shop for raw chicken wings today and watch your pooch wag that tail at meal time!

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