Coconut Oil for Dogs!

Dog holding coconut

Added to their diet or applied to their skin and coats, coconut oil hosts a raft of benefits for dogs.

We always have some in our cupboard - here are out top 5 reasons you should do the same!

1. Skin

  • Helps clear skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, flea allergies and itchiness
  • Prevents and treats yeast infections, including candida
  • Contibutes to a sleek and shiny coat (also a great detangler!)
  • A natural disinfectant, it helps to heal cuts, grazes, bits and stings when applied topically
  • It's fantastic as a moisturiser to combat dry skin and is an effective natural repellant for insects (and the best part is... it smells amazing!)

2. Immune System

  • High in lauric acid, a fatty acid found in mother's milk and rarely elsewhere
  • Contains powerful antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties
  • May reduce risk of cancer, according to research from the University of Adelaide
  • Is a great home treatment for mild kennel cough

    3. Digestive System

    • Improves digestion and helps the absoprtion of essential nutrients in food

    • Has been shown to fight and expel parasites such as worms and protozoa

    • Assists the healing of inflammatory bowel syndrome and colities

    • Regular dietary use will tackle bad breath and it can also be used as a toothpaste (= even more cuddles!)

    4. Metabolic & Endocrine System

    • Regulates insuin levels to help prevent diabetes

    • Promotes normal thyroid function, helping overweight puppers shed some pounds and giving senior a little more energy

    5. Brain

    • Boosts cognitive function in older dogs (it's also being used to fight dementia in humans!)

    • Promotes good nerve function



    • Stick to Virgin or Extra Virging Coconut Oil rather than the refined varieties (you can find these in the health food aisles of most supermarkets)

    • Store in a glass container and out of direct sunlight (it'll last for ages!)

    • We recommend a dosage of one teaspoon per 5kg of weight

    • As with anything new, introduce gradually - build from 1/4 of the above recommendation

    • Mix it with their food or straight off a spoon - if you're looking for an even easier way, check out our Chicken Digestion Support and Beef Digestion Support mixes as both of these contain coconut oil already!


    Have you used coconut oil with your dog before? Got any more tips or tricks you could add to our list?

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